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If you're still reading this I guess you want to know a little more about me. First and foremost I am a husband to Jen, the most amazing woman in the world, and I get to be dad for Alec and Madelyn, the two most amazing kids in the world...my family means everything to me, they are my oxygen - without them, I couldn't survive.

I love my job! I am the lighting and scenic designer at Heartland Community Church in Rockford, IL. I've been in this role for just over the past year now, and it's exactly what i love doing.

I just started this blog so check out some of my projects and check back often for more updates!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas 2010

I was very pleased with our Christmas set, it turned out far better than I expected! Enjoy the photos courtesy of Jon Lambert.
We wanted a warm homey feeling for the stage look this year, so candles were a must! We ended up using about 40 pillar candles throughout the stage on candle stands along with some custom built candle stands that varied in height from 4 1/2' to 6' hogh (more photos to come)

We rented in the laser cloth backdrop from Atomic Design and I loved it! it was one solid drape (50' X 25') and soaked up the colors perfectly!
We built the 4 X4 panels using a tufted fabric over batting on a luan faced frame and then attached them to each other as we hung them as columns.

Waffles and bacon?

Not all of our sets are given nicknames (or proper names for that matter) but this set was affectionately refered  to as waffles and bacon! The breakfast food is actually made of luan plywood. The waffles were made from strips and then weaved together to make the 4X6 flats. The bacon is also luan that we attached to curved plywood pieces that gave it the wave shape. The waves also created some great shadow effects.

I decided to leave the luan in its natural state because i wanted to see the grain of the wood and it still soaked up the light colors rather well.

This concept was borrowed from North Point Community Church.

To build the "waffles" we made a jig that we laid a frame in and then were able to weave the luan strips together. we then air nailed it all together.

The giant grid

This was my biggest undertaking so far. I decided to cover the entire backdrop (50' X 24') with this wooden grid. We then randomly placed coraplast squares throughout. the black coraplast created negative space while the white squares created positive space that could capture the different colors.

I also decided for the first time to think out of the box and take the set beyond its normal dimensions by carrying it over to the ramps and under the side screens on each side of the stage. To do this we added an additional 16 feet in each ramp. This made for some great camera shots from our remote cameras that hang far house left and right. 

The grid is actually 18 individual 8x8 sections that we attached to eachother as we hung them. each opening in the grid is a 2X2 square.

This concept was borrowed from Northpoint Community Church

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Heavy Metal

Paper shapes

"There's An App For That" stage set

The first set of 2011 is up and I love it!

Materials: (12) sheets of coraplast (6 black, 6 white), (18) 2X4X8, (14) 2X8 sheets of white plastic corrugated siding

We built (6) 4X8 frames out of lumber for the 8' X 24' coraplast wall. each sheet of black coraplast has (4) 5" windows of varying random heights. we then used a full sheet of white coraplast behind it to cover the windows. each window has a 10" LED color block for lighting.

I ran strips of black coraplast (the window cutouts) between the windows on the back side to keep the lights from bleeding into eachother. Finally, i draped the back in white fabric to reflect the light back onto the white surface.


Cobblestone and Ikea